Erwin's Cruella

2017 National Overall Grand Champion Percentage Doe.

Embryos available mid-September.  Flush kids available early February.  

Call for pricing & availability. 

Capriolle's Dipstick

2017 ABGA National class winner.

Dipstick has 115 ABGA points as a yearling doe, and we have high hopes for this fine doe!

Embryos available mid-September. 

Flush kids available early February.

Call for pricing & availability.

Miss Red Wrangler

Placed 11th at 2017 JABGA National Show, 12 -16 mo. Fullblood Class

Embryos available mid-October 2017.  Flush kids available March 2018. 

Call for availability and pricing.

K2R She's All That

Placed 5th in 2017 JABGA & 7th in the ABGA National Show.

The future of this doe looks bright

K2R Hot Bertie

Placed 10th in the 2017 JABGA National Show, in the 12 -16 mo. Percentage Class.

CRI Copper Creek Honey Badger

Honey Badger is one of our cornerstone does that has brought our program to the next level.  She has 327 ABGA points, and commands attention in the show ring.